Restaurant Location Intelligence

The Borne Report™

The definitive report on restaurant locations and sites, the Borne Report is a must-have before submitting an LOI. With over 90 data points and machine-learning modeling, the report is the most comprehensive deep-dive for restaurant leaders.

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Restaurant Location Intelligence & Site Feasibility Studies

The key to successful restaurant and food and beverage concepts is not just data, but how that data is distilled into intelligence. With the Borne Report™, we use our proprietary machine-learning models to process 60+ data sources across 90+ data points. The result is the most comprehensive location intelligence report built from the most restaurant concept data in the nation.

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The Borne Score™

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Each Borne Report™ culminates all data into a definitive score known as the Borne Score™. This rating helps you quickly identify the viability and feasibility of the location.  A high Borne Score™ doesn’t guarantee a successful restaurant, but it does establish the strength of the location will most likely not be a factor if failure should occur.

Multi-Unit Restaurant Brands

With the Borne system's site-specific report, you can analyze potential new sites and locations on a granular level to understand feasibility and chances of success.

Startup Restaurant Brands

Location is the name of the game and a bad location can kill a new brand. With the Borne Report™ you can find the location that's perfectly suited for your new restaurant.

Commercial Real Estate

Standout from other agents and agencies with deep data driven reports that help your clients succeed. Agents who include a Borne Report™ when showing locations have higher chances of closing the deal.

Hotel Food & Beverage (F&B)

Hotels have a unique opportunity to maximize revenue with winning food and beverage concepts. Take the grunt work out of the research and analysis with the Borne Report's insights.

Business Models

Primed to Thrive

Borne Reports are perfect for these business models–from startup restaurant brands to seasoned multi-units with sights set on successful scale.