Borne REport®: Site Feasibility

Understand your restaurant's viability at any location

For small multi-unit restaurant brands looking to assess the feasibility and viability of their concept in new locations.

The Question: Will my restaurant work at this location?

No restaurant leader can afford a struggling location due to a poor location, especially when you’re a small multi-unit restaurant brand. Anxiety is supercharged when questioning whether or not your next location will be a bull or a bear. Before signing a LOI, get the details you deserve about the feasibility and viability of a specific location.

Inside the Report

The Borne Report® pools data from over 60 sources of restaurant concept data, then uses machine learning models to excavate accurate, reliable insights across 90 data points. The result is a comprehensive report that answers the question of viability and feasibility for your restaurant concept in a specific location.

Understand the revenue potential for your brand’s concept.

Learn the ceiling of monthly lease you can take on and still be successful.

Uncover what brands are in direct competition within the immediate area of a location.

Reveal the various types of traffic and their volume.

Avoid a potential increase in failure rate by reviewing the restaurants that have come and gone.

Powered by the Nation’s Largest Restaurant Dataset

Borne’s uniquely powerful system uses the power of over 60 sources of restaurant-specific data from consumer spending and urban planning to wifi behaviors and weather patterns. Our mission is to continue to reinforce our claim to having the largest restaurant concept dataset in the nation.