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Restaurant Location Intelligence

Restaurant Location Reporting with Machine Learning Data

As the definitive restaurant location reporting resource, Borne helps restaurant and hospitality leaders plan new concepts and multiunit growth on a site by site basis. Each report is a comprehensive output of deep restaurant-specific data to help leaders identify the people, competitors, history, and potential sales revenue for a specific address. There are two ways to get a Borne Report®: One at a time and via an unlimited subscription system.

Location Reporting Engine (LRE)

Finding the right location can take some digging. That means you need deep reporting on more than just one location and site. With BorneLRE, our location reporting engine, you get access to near unlimited reports on demand. 

Each report outlines the data surrounding a specific location address. From trip taker patterns and consumer demographics, to where they work, live and play. It even suggests potential concepts and their project revenue.

Restaurant Location Intelligence & Site Feasibility Study Reports

The key to successful restaurant and food and beverage concepts is not just data, but how that data is distilled into intelligence. With the Borne Report™, we use our proprietary machine-learning models to process 60+ data sources across 90+ data points. The result is the most comprehensive location intelligence report built from the most restaurant concept data in the nation.

From multi-unit restaurant growth to real estate agent transparency, the Borne Report® gives every party the data needed to make strong decisions for successful operations.

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