Restaurant Market Planning

Plot Your Growth With Confidence

Whether a franchised restaurant system, corporate-owned, or a hybrid, Borne was built to empower CDOs and Directors of Development for restaurant brands with the intelligence and insights necessary to thrive.


Market Overview

Take a bird’s eye view of any market in the United States to zero in on high potential areas and regions for growth.


Study Area

Zoom into custom or predefined study areas to get down to the neighborhood level including amenities and more.


Site Report

When you’ve identified locations of interest, zero into their details with site-specific reports to get the full insight.

Restaurant Concept Data Categories

Categories of data in the Borne System


Foot, vehicle and transit traffic forecasting helps identify potential revenue for a restaurant location.

White Space

Where are the opportunities to open a new restaurant location? Where will it reach maximum results?


What are people searching for and what are they talking about? What are the impacts on your brand?


Forecast potential sales and revenue from various influences in market based on historic and current data.

Historic Trends

See what restaurants have come and gone from national and regional powerhouses to mom-and-pop concepts.


Look ahead at what to expect from various data points to help influence decision-making at the local level.


Get inside of the behaviors and demographic information on key audience segments.


Know who's competing in the area and how prevalent their footprint is. Find the space to compete with unique insights.

Quickly and confidently make restaurant location and growth decisions

Whether you’re a growing multi-unit restaurant brand looking for the next area in which to grow, or you’re an enterprising restaurateur looking for the perfect spot for your new concept, the Borne system has the data-fueled, machine-learning-driven intelligence to identify your prime location. It’s not solely about avoiding failure. It’s about priming your brand to thrive. With the Borne system, you have access to the profound insights necessary to startup and scale and answer the questions: