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System Update: New Cluster Model Grading

At Borne, we are in a constant state of iterative improvement. This month, we’re proud to announce our latest improvements to the Market Planning Suite system launched last week: Optimized Cluster Modeling. Cumulatively, our adjustments to the system output stronger, more accurate insights into the grading of Study Areas, revenue predictions for a Report, and how concepts fit into competitive landscapes.

Here are the details of the updated system:

Aligned Data. Both revenue projections and study area grading models pull from the same dataset making overall predictions stronger.

Dynamic Competition Modeling. We now present a “subscore” for where we think a concept will fit into the competitive landscape inside of a given study area.

Under the Hood. Borne’s model now takes into account the split between weekday and weekend behaviors and how they impact various aspects of viability. This information is also accessible on the study area detail page

What do you need to do?

Nothing, we’ve seamlessly launched these adjustments making the Borne system even more accurate and powerful.