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Borne’s refreshed product naming means more clarity for restaurants and restaurant leaders

Since our initial launch in 2020, we have been growing the power and intelligence found within our system. The baseline system has been just the start of what we plan to be an ongoing journey to owning and dominating the claim to the nation’s largest restaurant concept dataset. Our passion and purpose is to prevent premature restaurant failures. Specifically those caused by having the wrong concept in the wrong piece of real estate. With that as our north star, we’re constantly developing new ways of fixing that problem in our industry.

What we have found is the Borne system creates enormous benefits for multiple situations, but it’s not a one size fits all. So, we set out to create a suite of products based on the power of Borne that would suit the various needs of restaurant leaders and the real estate professionals tasked with finding and growing brand footprints. The result is four official products in the Borne suite.

Starting this week, Borne’s flagship products, the full system we have called “Navigator”, will carry a new name. In addition, two variants of the Borne Report® will be introduced to answer the call from our various partners and clients.

  • Borne MPS: Our full system for restaurant brands and brand leaders at the helm of rapidly growing concepts. MPS stands for Market Planning Suite as this system gives leaders and teams the full power of Borne’s restaurant location intelligence system. 
  • Borne Report®: The original report for existing restaurant brands and restaurant leaders that are growing at a steady pace of 2-5 locations per year. This report is available to purchase on this site for $749.95 per report.
  • Borne CID: A variation on the standard Borne Report®, this report goes deeper to identify the type of restaurant that will work at a specific address. If you’re looking to create a new restaurant concept and know the address where you’d like to open, the CID report is for you.
  • Borne CRE: This variation on the Borne Report® is specifically built for real estate agents and agencies that want a competitive advantage.
Our newly renamed suite of reports and the full Borne MPS system creates more clarity for what we do to help restaurant leaders grow their brands. From startup to growth, to large scale market planning, Borne is here to help you get to the roots of success.