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New Year, New UI, More Data & Insights

For the last 8 months, we’ve been collecting data on how our clients use the Borne MPS system. From that data, we adjusted key functions to create a more intuitive experience from the Dashboard by running site reports. This is a major step forward in empowering teams with the insights necessary to plot intelligence-based growth plans.

There are now three core levels of focus in MPS: Market, Study Area, and Site Reporting. On the Markets tab, you can compare and evaluate any market in the United States to which you are subscribed.

From Study Areas, you can dig deeper into custom areas, or predetermined ones, to understand traffic patterns, market penetration, competitive gap analysis, and, of course, robust consumer behaviors and psychographic profiles.

Finally, at the Site Level, you’re able to run reports on specific locations to excavate potential revenue, weather patterns, and more.