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The Borne Report is now available for direct purchase

When we first set out to amass the Nation’s largest restaurant dataset, we had one goal in mind: Reduce the number of premature restaurant closures. Ever since then we’ve been set on developing new software products that help restaurant leaders launch and grow new concepts, and scale existing ones. It all started with the original Borne Report®.

In the original report, we used our machine-learning models to connect the dots on over 60 data points.  That eventually turned into a deeper, comprehensive report doc that has since split into three types as recently announced. One issue with the report is their level of complexity demanded a more high-touch purchase experience. So, to date, clients had to interface with a Borne representative to order a report. While that remains true for the CID and CRE reports, today we announce a shift to the standard Borne Report®.

Starting today, leaders can order a Borne Report directly from our website for only $749.99 per report. This report is a comprehensive overview of all the data relating to a specific address in the United States. It’s for existing concepts or leaders with an existing concept in mind. It will not excavate a concept or concepts primed to work at a location. Those reports, the CID and CRE, still require more discussion before purchase.

With a Borne Report® you can uncover more data and insights than any other restaurant real estate report out there. You’ll be able to easily see how viable your restaurant brand is at that particular location based on over 100 sources of restaurant data. Learn more about the technology and the report